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PortraitLily Campbell Williamson

A legend in the horse industry of Saskatchewan and beyond, Lily Macpherson was born on March 31, 1921 in Brandon Manitoba. She attended Poplar Hill Country School in Manitoba followed by Brandon Collegiate.

At an early age, even before she was walking, Lil developed a fondness of horses. She possessed a critical eye for a horse and was an expert in matters of conformation and soundness.

Actively involved in a long list of horse organizations, she worked with many well-known leaders in the industry and was sought after for her counsel in acquiring new stock. She was well-versed in several breeds, both light and draft horses, ponies and miniature breeds.

In 1942, she married Gordon Williamson. They moved to Regina where they worked and trained horses for Dr. E.K. Sauer. They also showed horses extensively on the fair circuits of Western Canada in the 40's and 50's. Their most famous mount was a standardbred / thoroughbred cross named Bouncing Buster. On this horse, Lil rode to fame winning the Western jumper championships in many successive years.

Gord died in 1963, leaving her to raise their young children and support the family. She developed a tack and harness shop from her home in Regina and did business across the province. She was able to turn her assets into a business in the horse world – making her one of the first practitioners of urban agriculture.

Lil was internationally known in the horse industry. She was a steeplechase jump judge at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, a jumper judge at the Western Canada Summer Games and every Saskatchewan Summer Games until 1996. She was also a Steward at the International Spruce Meadows Championships officiating at all three SM competitions annually from 1979 to 2003.

In her "retirement" years, Lil trained horses for therapeutic riding suitable for use by disabled people. For much of her adult life, she assisted youth in the Pony Club and 4-H movements, and in the mid 1980's she qualified under the Hunt Club of North America as a Master of the Fox Hounds (MFH).

In 1995, Lil Williamson was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. In 1996, she was made an Honorary Life Member of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation.

In 2004, Lil announced her intention to officially retire from all professional duties in the equestrian and horse world. Just three weeks after being honored by the Saskatchewan Horse Federation with her retirement ceremony, Lil Williamson passed away.

Sponsored for Induction in the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 2007 by the Saskatchewan Horse Federation


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