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PortraitIsaac Thiessen

Ike Thiessen, a leader in Saskatchewan 's rural local government, was born near Aberdeen April 26, 1923 . His formal education was cut short at Grade 9 when his father died and Ike therefore had an early introduction to a career in farming.

An avid reader, Ike maintained his interest in education. He served as a school unit trustee for Saskatoon East School Division for 25 years, from 1961 to 1986. His reputation as an effective worker resulted in his election to the executive of the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association.

He was elected a councillor to the RM of Aberdeen No. 373 in 1955 and served 34 years, the last 13 years as reeve. During this time Ike's imaginative thinking and concern for fairness led to a progressive and well-managed administration. A grid and main farm access road system built during Ike's time on council was the envy of many rural municipalities.

Ike moved into wider provincial service in 1979 when he was elected subunit director for the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities. After serving as vice-president, he was elected president in 1986. He was in the forefront presenting the concerns of rural people and farmers to the provincial government, the premier, the federal government and the prime minister. This was when farm organizations, including the SARM, sought and obtained a billion dollar federal and provincial government payment to help farmers adjust to drastic farm income shortfalls.

Ike's service was marked by exceptional commitment and leadership. He was a creative thinker and prepared to take risks with new ideas. He always consulted those he worked with and blended in their concerns and ideas when making decisions. As a leader he recognized there were times when you had to stand alone in making the right decision, even if it was unpopular.

After retirement from local government responsibilities, Ike continued to work in a public relations capacity for the Agricultural Health and Safety Network. He challenged rural people and their councils to concern themselves about agricultural health issues and to provide funding for the Centre for Agricultural Medicine.

He was active in the Aberdeen Mennonite Church , leading the choir and teaching Sunday School. He also formed an ecumenical choir with singers from the Lutheran, United and Mennonite Brethren churches that performed throughout the Aberdeen district and rural Saskatchewan . He passed away November 6, 1995 .

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