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PortraitVictor Herbert Sommerfeld

Victor Sommerfeld, farmer and dedicated leader in seeking a better life for Saskatchewan residents, was born on the family farm near Saskatoon October 13, 1917. He took his public and secondary schooling in Saskatoon and then in 1939-40 took two years toward an agriculture degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

From his earliest farming years he played an active role in community activities. When his father died in 1960 he took on the family dairy farm and also was elected to a number of community and provincial organizations.

He was a director of the Dairy and Poultry Pool in Saskatoon from 1960 until 1972 when it amalgamated with Saskatchewan Co-operative Creameries to form the province-wide Dairy Producers Co-operative. He was on the inaugural board of the Dairy Foods Service Bureau, a provincial organization, and then served on the national dairy foods promotion body. He was a charter member of the Saskatoon Milk Producers Association.

Victor was elected from 1960 to 1978 as councillor for the RM of Cory. This municipality amalgamated with others to become the RM of Corman Park, and from 19751978 he was reeve of the broader-based municipality. His work at Cory and Corman Park led to involvement as a sub-director of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (1973-79) and director of Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Association (1979-84). The latter organization named him their representative on the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame board, an obligation he worked at diligently for 10 years.

He was a director for many years of the Saskatoon Industrial Exhibition and served three years (1985-87) as president. From 1987-95 he represented the exhibition on the board of the Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions as director and in 1993-94 as first vice-president. He worked hard and effectively on behalf of agricultural societies to obtain provincial financial support for these volunteer-based organizations throughout Saskatchewan.

For nine years (1982-91) he was a member of the Saskatchewan Land Appeals Board. He was a member of the inaugural board of the Meewasin Valley Authority and spent 33 years on the local Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Committee, half of those as chairman. In all of these organizations he went the extra mile to ensure they were effective instruments for the farmers they were serving.

A dedicated churchman, he served on the board of the Church of the Nazarene for 50 years.

"Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1996
by Saskatchewan Municipal Hail, Saskatchewan Association of
Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions and the Saskatoon
Prairieland Exhibition Corporation."


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