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PortraitLeot H. Sanderson

Leot Sanderson, who distinguished himself first as a turkey breeder and later as a cattle breeder, was born in St. Hilaire, Minnesota, July 20, 1899. He moved with his family to the Piapot district in 1910 and received his schooling there and at Luther College, Outlook, Saskatchewan.

In 1918 he began a grain and livestock farming operation. At an early stage he became interested in improving strains of Leghorn chickens and Bronze turkeys. He was one of the first in Saskatchewan to begin record of performance testing of turkeys and in 1944 he was called on to deliver a paper on this work at a national poultry conference in Ottawa. He is given much credit for his role in helping develop the broad-breasted Bronze turkey.

In 1933 Leot was elected a director of the Saskatchewan Turkey Breeders Association and in 1939 was president. He served as producer representative on the Saskatchewan Poultry Board. In 1937 the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture appointed him turkey fieldman and for the next 11 years he travelled the province advising other breeders. During this period turkey production reached a peak of 1,533,000 birds.

The Sandersons sold breeding stock across Canada and were prominent in the show ring. They won prizes at major poultry shows and one Sunnycrest Poultry Farm turkey hen was grand champion at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair in 1935.

When he retired from turkey breeding in 1946 Leot was offered $1,000 for one of his turkey toms. He gave three of his best birds to the University of Saskatchewan for its breeding program.

In 1946 Leot switched to breeding Hereford cattle, again using performance testing. On four occasions he had the grand champion bull at the Swift Current Bull Show. In 1970 he judged Hereford classes at the Provincial Exhibition in Regina.

In his community he served as school trustee, rural municipal councillor, president of the Bear Creek Telephone Company and of the Bear Creek Grazing Cooperative.

In 1969 the Saskatchewan Livestock Board gave him a scroll, recognizing his contributions to the industry. In 1970 the Sandersons were named Master Farm Family for southwest Saskatchewan.

"Nominated for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1983
by the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, Saskatchewan Hereford Association
and the Maple Creek Beef Breeders Association."


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