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PortraitAlfred Eugen Slinkard

Al Slinkard, a key builder of Canada 's half billion dollar pulse crop industry, was born in Rockford , Washington , April 5, 1931 . He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees at Washington State and his PhD at the University of Minnesota .

He was recruited from the University of Idaho to the newly created Crop Development Centre of the University of Saskatchewan in 1972. As plant breeder of new crops he developed the varieties Laird in 1978 and Eston in 1980. Laird quickly became the most widely grown and recognized lentil in the world. By 1990 Canada had overtaken both Turkey and the United States as major supplier of green lentils to Latin America and the Mediterranean .

Over the past 28 years in Saskatchewan , Al has given advice in person to pulse growers in virtually every municipality in the province. He has served as research supervisor to nearly 50 graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan many of whom have gone on to make their own significant contributions to the Canadian and international pulse industry.

He has authored over 300 books, journals and extension publications. Al has organized numerous national and international conferences and he has shared his expertise with many countries around the world. He held the White Chair in Plant Breeding at the university from 1990-93.

Since 1984 he has been advisor to the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Board and from 1986-92 he was chairman of the board of Newfield Seeds.

In 2000 there are 128 pulse crop processors in Saskatchewan , creating rural employment processing Al Slinkard's lentil and pea varieties. During the 1990s he developed improved varieties of chickpeas and field beans suitable to Prairie conditions.

Since retiring in 1998, he has been named professor emeritus at the College of Agriculture and adjunct professor at the Crop Development Centre and continues to be active in developing spice crops for Saskatchewan .

During his outstanding career Al received numerous recognition awards including Fellowships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society of Agronomy and the Agricultural Institute of Canada. He received the Canadian Seed Trade Association Scientific Achievement Award, the Canadian Society of Agronomy Outstanding Researcher Award, The Western Co-operative Fertilizers Agronomy Merit Award, and honorary life memberships in the Saskatchewan and Canadian Seed Growers Associations and the Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Growers Association.

Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 2000
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