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PortraitJohn Stanley Palmer

Born in Norfolk, England, J. S. Palmer came to Canada in 1906 at the age of 22. After a two-year stint as a farm worker near Winnipeg, and a short-lived venture into hog production, abruptly terminated by a fire which destroyed stock and buildings, he travelled west in 1909 to take up a homestead near Marsden, Saskatchewan. The homestead remains as part of the extensive Palmer land holdings today.

In 1917 "J.S." acquired his first small herd of registered Hereford cattle, and the enterprise known as the EXL Hereford Ranch became a reality. Today, the quality of EXL cattle is widely recognized by judges and buyers from all parts of the North American continent, and from many overseas countries.

The ranch in later years became a co-operative family enterprise with sons Maurice and Cecil as partners; the family group now includes two grandsons, Sydney and Stanley. In more than 60 years of selective breeding and exhibiting, J. S. Palmerís EXL cattle have won many championship awards, and have brought top prices in every important sale in Western Canada and beyond.

Recognition of J. S. Palmerís stature in the Hereford world is seen in the fact that he has in his time served as President, vice-president and director of the Saskatchewan Hereford Association; President and director of the Canadian Hereford Association; and President and director of the Saskatchewan Cattle Breeders Association. In 1951 he received an Honor Scroll from the Saskatchewan Livestock Board in recognition of outstanding service to the livestock industry.

In the realm of public service, J. S. Palmer sewed for many years as Chairman and member of the Marsden School Board. He was active in the promotion of farm youth activities, in particular the coaching of teams of youthful cattle judges, many of whom were notably successful in national competitions. He was deeply involved with the Canadian Council of Boysí and Girlsí Clubs, predecessors of the present-day successful 4-H Club movement, and for 20 years was supervisor of the Farm Boysí Camp at Lake Manitou. He served as chairman of the Saskatchewan Selective Service Board, and of the Dominion-Provincial farm labor committee. He also has served as a member of the Senate of the University of Saskatchewan.

Living in the spacious home at ranch headquarters near Marsden, J. S. Palmer maintains an active interest in the ranching enterprise he founded. His wise counsel continues to be sought, not only by members of his immediate family, but by cattlemen from all parts of the country.

"Nominated for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame
by the Saskatchewan Hereford Association, July 1976"


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