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PortraitLillian Vigrass McConnell

Lillian McConnell, home economist and adult educator, whose major contribution was as an extension worker helping farm homemakers convert to rural electrification, was born at Tessier, December 12, 1923 . She took her primary and secondary education at Pathlow and a teaching certificate at Moose Jaw Normal School . She taught one year at Old Spalding rural school and three years in the town of Spalding . She then obtained her Bachelor of Household Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan

While taking her university degree she spent two summers with the Agriculture Canada Economics Branch surveying rural living conditions in the pioneer fringe areas of Saskatchewan .

Following graduation in 1950 she became assistant home editor with The Country Guide in Winnipeg . In 1955 she moved to Edmonton to CFRN-TV where she had up to an hour a day of programming on food and other home economics subjects.

In 1956 she became the first "Penny Powers," home economist with the Saskatchewan Power Corporation. This was at a time when rural electrification was at its prime and she played a major role in helping farm families familiarize themselves with the best in selection, use and care of electrical and natural gas fired equipment.

At times it was done through presentations at meetings, fairs and local workshops, retailers' displays and high schools. She also wrote articles and other home service information for bill stuffers, leaflets and pamphlets, and reached a wide audience through columns in the newspaper, Farm Light and Power. Her expertise was in demand for evaluating numerous home service programs, kitchen and lighting designs, use and care of appliances and the selection of energy, including energy conservation, for different applications. She edited a recipe book for farm home use.

Lillian has been active in the Regina , Saskatchewan and Canadian Home Economics Associations and has been honoured by all three for her contributions. She has also been active in the Illuminating Engineering Society of America, and has been a member of the Consumers Association of Canada and the Saskatchewan Women's Agricultural Network. Locally, she worked with the Regina Library literacy program.

Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 2001
by the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists,
The Canadian Association of Home Economists,
the Saskatchewan Power Corporation and
Farm Light and Power


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