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Portrait Ivan McMillan

Ivan McMillan, farmer, businessman and farm organization activist, was born on the family farm near Craik February 7, 1911.

He obtained his schooling at Craik and took one year at the University of Saskatchewan toward an arts degree. He taught school and then obtained employment as a dairy inspector (1935-37). Then he returned to farming, and in the 1940s also was part owner of a hardware store in Craik.

Ivanís work with the Palliser Wheat Growers Association (later the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association), brought him wide attention. He served seven years on the board and in 1975 and 1976 was president. This was at a time when the issue of the Crowsnest Pass rates on grain was at the forefront and he campaigned persistently for change. He appeared before the Snavely and Hall Commissions on Grain Transportation and advocated a more efficient and market responsive western grains industry. Ivan is now a life member of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers.

He served as a director of the Canada Grains Council, a member of the Canadian Wheat Board Advisory Committee, an advisor to the Canadian Grain Commission, the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange and served on the Canadian negotiating team at the Geneva Wheat Conference in 1978.

He worked energetically in turn as president, secretary and chair of most committees in the Craik Agricultural Society. He was active in annual summer fairs, grain growing competitions and seed fairs, horticulture shows, summerfallow competitions, 4-H and field demonstrations of farm practices. His success locally resulted in him being elected president of the Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies. He is now a life member of that organization.

Ivan contracted a portion of his farm near Craik with the Indian Head Experimental Farm as an illustrative farm for grain production, focusing on weed control, cultivation practices, crop rotations and fertilizer use. There was wide regional interest in annual field days. For 37 years this substation was a source of valuable information to the region and the experimental farm.

"Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1996
by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, the
Rural Municipality of Craik No. 222 and the
Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural
Societies and Exhibitions."


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