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PortraitGlenn Eric Flaten

Glenn Flaten, farmer and farm leader at the provincial, national and international levels, was born September 23, 1929, at Weyburn. He attended Rockfield rural school and Weyburn High School. He graduated from the School of Agriculture in 1950 and obtained his BSA and Bachelor of Commerce degrees at the University of Saskatchewan in 1956.

He joined the provincial agriculture department as livestock specialist in 1956 and from 1964-66 was research director with the Crop Insurance Board. He initiated the concept of using land productivity as a base for crop insurance.

Glenn, and his wife, Shirley, built a chicken broiler, hog and grain operation on a 300-acre farm near Regina. The efficient and well-managed unit attracted many groups and visiting dignitaries. He helped organize the Saskatchewan Chicken Marketing Board, serving as secretary-manager 1966-72, and as a director 1973-75. He promoted chicken consumption by staging chicken barbecues across the province.

He was chairman of the Saskatchewan Hog Marketing Commission in its formative years, 1976-81.

In the broader farm organization field he was president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Agriculture, 1973-76, president of the Western Agricultural Conference, 1975, and then president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, 1981-85.

In 1986 he was elected president of the world farmersí organization, the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, with headquarters in Paris, where he served four years. He was the first IFAP president to visit all 51 member countries. He was called on to make submissions on behalf of farmers to United Nations agencies and national governments. From 1992 to April, 1998, he was a member of the International Policy Council on Agriculture and Food Trade, a group of 32 persons from 20 countries meeting twice yearly to discuss policy and trade.

He contributed substantially to development of new policy approaches as a member of the National Farm Products Marketing Council and the Canadian Agricultural Research Council. He was on the initial board of the Western Grains Research Foundation and was much involved in convincing Ottawa to use the balance of the $11 million PFAA fund as a base to get it established.

Since 1994 he has operated his own consulting firm in Ottawa, specializing in policy formulation, marketing and farm organization development. He has provided technical advice in Ethiopia, Jamaica, Russia, Guyana, as well as in Canada.

In 1992-93 Glenn served as president of the Agricultural Institute of Canada, and that organization had named him a Fellow in 1983. In 1976 he received a Distinguished Agrologist award from the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists.

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