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William Cooper

Bill Cooper, farmer and dedicated advocate for change in Canada 's grain marketing system, was born at West Bend August 15, 1931 . He obtained his schooling in the West Bend area and then went on to earn a diploma in agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan .

Shortly after graduation he joined the extension division of the university where for 20 years he taught short courses including farm power and machinery, welding and marketing. He was a key organizer of University Farm and Home Week.

Bill dedicated much of his time to organizations such as the Saskatchewan Canola Growers Association and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers. He was executive director of the canola growers from 1978-87. His interests centered on keeping canola on the open market, on higher priority for canola in a transportation system that was dominated by wheat and for a better deal on handling and elevation costs for canola. With the Wheat Growers Association Bill has been an advisor since the early 1990s, campaigning against high costs of grain marketing and handling and seeking fair compensation for farmers' grain. Bill also was a founding member of the Prairie Oat Growers Association and helped with the development of policy and market development. He served as a public governor to the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange from 1982-84.

He has been involved in the major committees studying and recommending changes to grain marketing and handling procedures on the Prairies. He was a member of the Gilson Task Force on Transportation which led to creation of the Western Grain Transportation Act. He worked with Judge Willard Estey who developed recommendations to the federal government on changes to the grain transportation and handling system. Bill represented the Prairie Farm Commodity Coalition in the Estey Implementation Process headed by Arthur Kroeger.

From 1985-92 he was a farmer representative on the Western Grain Standards Committee that reviews new grain varieties and approves them for registration. He was a board member of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Credit Corporation, 1988-90.

Bill has been actively involved in the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association and was named Distribution Executive of the Year in 1998 for his advocacy of changes in the western grain handling and transportation system. Among changes he sought was the removal of the Canadian Wheat Board from grain transportation so it could concentrate on selling grain.

Despite a busy lobbying career he continued to farm with three nephews at West Bend .

Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 2000
by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, the Saskatchewan
Agricultural Graduates Association, the Saskatchewan Canola Growers and
the Foam Lake Marketing Club


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