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PortraitJacob Brown

Jacob Brown has made important contributions to the development of agricultural policy in Saskatchewan and Canada. He was born on a farm near Beechy in 1926. He is a graduate in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, specializing in farm management and economics. He received his master's degree from North Dakota State University and he took further economics training at the University of Minnesota.

He has had three careers, as a public servant, an academic and a farmer. As an agricultural economist he has been called to act on many boards and commissions concerned with improving economic conditions for Saskatchewan farmers. One of his principal interests is land tenure and he is a leading authority in this field.

His work for the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture began in 1957 when he was appointed a farm management specialist. In 1964 he was named director of the Economics and Statistics Branch and Chairman of the Crop Insurance Board.

On April 1, 1967, he was appointed associate professor of agricultural economics at the University of Saskatchewan. To maintain close contact with the land he bought a farm in the Saskatoon area. He was professor of agricultural economics when, in 1974, he was appointed Dean of the College of Agriculture, a post he held for 10 years. He was active on numerous boards and commissions including the Saskatchewan Farm Ownership, Board, the Saskatchewan Land Bank, an ARDA commission studying farm size and tenure and a provincial task force mapping strategy for rural development. As Dean of Agriculture he was also chairman of the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation.

Brown was president of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, chairman of the Science Council of Saskatchewan and an executive member of the Economic Council of Canada. When he retired as dean in 1964 he continued to serve as professor of agricultural economics.

In 1960 he was named a Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada and was named Distinguished Agrologist by the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists. He was among eight distinguished citizens of this province to receive the first Saskatchewan Award of Merit medals in 1965.

"Nominated for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 1986
by the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, the College
of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan, and the
Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates Association."


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