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PortraitEdward Arthur Boden

A farm leader and public servant who contributed locally, nationally and internationally, Ted Boden was born at Adanac, Sask., November 3, 1911. He obtained his elementary and secondary schooling at Cut Knife and, on graduation, took up farming. In 1938 he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but returned to farming and later became actively involved in farm-related organizations.

He was part of the farmer delegation to Ottawa in 1942 seeking improved wheat prices. He sewed as president of the Unity Forage Crop Growers Co-operative, vice-president of the Saskatchewan Forage Crop Growers Co-operative Marketing Association and in the Cut Knife Agricultural Society. A hog producer, he pursued this interest both on and off the farm, becoming the Canadian 8 a member of the Saskatchewan Advisory Swine Council and wine Council. From 1939-1944 he sewed as chairman of the Wilbert School Board.

In 1948 Ted Boden was elected a delegate to the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, and retained that position for 27 years. He won election as Pool director in 1948. He was named second vice-president in 1982 and first vice-president in 1989, a position he held until retirement in 1973. Led Boden began "retirement" by chairing the committee to revise the grain quota system. His next appointment was Saskatchewan Agent-General in London where he served four years. From 1978 to 1982 he worked with the extension and rural development branch of the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture.

He took an active role in the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, sewing for a time as vice-president of that organization. He served as president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Agriculture and as president of the Western Agricultural Conference of the CFA.

He represented the Canadian federation at meetings of the international Federation of Agricultural Producers.

He was a strong advocate of having farmers present a united front in their dealings with government. While in the farm leadership role he worked hard to assure his organizations presented farmer views in a manner that won respect. Later when he represented his province as Agent-General in London and Europe he helped seek and obtain two-way trade, resource-based secondary industry and skilled workers for Saskatchewan.

Nominated for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 1988.
by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.


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