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PortraitCarl Vissing Block

Carl Block, effective negotiator on behalf of cattlemen, operated a 900-head cow-calf and backgrounding operation in the Great Sand Hills near Abbey. Born in Calgary and raised near Bassano, he was a graduate of Olds College and took classes at Utah State University .

Carl and his wife, Pat, moved their entire operation from Bassano , Alberta to Abbey in 1986. Carl immediately became active in the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, later serving a term as president (1995-96).

He was concerned with maintaining and developing a strong beef cattle industry, allowing efficient producers to get a good return for their efforts. He recognized that maintaining the health of Canadian cattle herd was key to a prosperous industry. His leadership was apparent during the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Britain .

As chair of the Canadian Animal Health Coalition he led a delegation to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to learn from their experience.

He was first elected a director of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association in 1993, a position he held until his death in 2002. He was a member of the CCA Research Committee, 1995-97, and from 2000 to 2002. He was chair of the CCA Animal Health and Meat Inspection Committee, (1996-2001) and chair of the Canadian Cattlemen: Quality Starts Here Committee (1997-98), which focuses on on-farm food safety and quality assurance for beef.

In 1998 Carl was appointed by the Government of Canada to the International Trade Advisory Committee. This is an advisory group that provides sectoral feedback to the federal government on its international trade policies. Carl represented the beef industry in this capacity and attended the World Trade Organization negotiations in Seattle .

Carl's concern for protecting beef markets resulted in his election as first chair of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency. This body fostered a traceback program that could trace the source of beef so any potential animal health problems could be traced and eliminated. Carl spent many hours and miles talking to producers about the importance of this program. His foresight is bearing fruit as export market customers for Canadian beef are assured of a healthful product.

Carl died May 28, 2002 .

Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 2005
by the Canadian Cattle Identification Association and
the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association


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