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Frank Binnie

Livestock raising and farm youth training, particularly through the 4-H movement, have been life-long interests for Frank Binnie, a leader in both fields for more than 50 years.

Frank was born July 15, 1905 in the Longlaketon district, east of Last Mountain Lake. He attended Sylvan School in that district and went on to Moose Jaw College for his high school.

He led the Longlaketon Baby Beef Club, which later grew into the Longlaketon 4-H Multiple Club, in total for more than a half century. The impressive results he obtained led other districts to seek his advice and he helped organize Pengarth, Eastshore and Earl Grey 4-H clubs.

He worked to establish two 4-H district councils in his area and served as treasurer of District 14 for 15 years. He was one of the founders of the provincial 4-H council in 1957 and remained a member of that body for 20 years. His ideas for new and different 4-H projects were thus spread across the province. He promoted public speaking in 4-H and for many years sat on the district selection committee. For more than 40 years he was a respected achievement day judge.

Camp Rayner, the provincial 4-H camp, was of special interest to Frank. He helped restore the old shack, an historical attraction, and served on committees organizing and building the camp.

In 1975 he became the first 4-H leader to be named an honorary member of the Canadian 4-H Council.

In his farming practice, Frank was a prominent breeder of Shorthorn cattle and Yorkshire pigs as well as a grain grower. He began showing swine at the Regina spring and fall fairs in 1940 and 40 years later was still growing and fitting pigs for Agribition and bred sow sales.

Carrying through with this interest he was an active member of the Saskatchewan and Canadian Shorthorn and Swine Breeders Associations. In 1981 he received an honor scroll from the Saskatchewan Livestock Association at its annual meeting in Saskatoon.

He served 12 years on the local Wheat Pool committee, five years as director of the local telephone company, 25 years on the credit union board, 18 years as secretary of the Sylvan School Board and many years as a member of his United Church board and session.

"Nominated for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 1989
by the Saskatchewan 4-H Council, 4-H Districts 14 and 37, and the Saskatchewan
Swine Breeders Association."


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