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Guy Hunter Beatty

Guy Beatty, elite seed grower and farm leader, was born on the family farm in the Venn district March 4, 1921. He attended schools at Venn, Ridgeford, Renown, and Balfour Technical School in Regina. He graduated from the School of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan, in 1948.

Guy farmed all of his life but spent several winters working in Ontario as a surveyor and summers in Saskatchewan as a crop inspector and hail adjuster. Over the years he was involved in operating a seed plant, trucking business and automotive dealership.

Guy was a leader and innovator in crop and soil management. He was interested in improving both seed production and marketing. He participated in two seed missions to Japan promoting export of pedigreed seed.

He was elected president of the Saskatchewan branch, Canadian Seed Growers Association for 1964-65 and six years later he became president of the national organization, the C.S.G.A. He was one of the founders and first president of SeCan Association (1976-79). He was a member of the Association Official Seed Certifying Agency (AOSCA).

His eye for good seed was recognized when he was asked to judge seed classes at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair.

Guy received the C.S.G.A. Robertson Associate Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the seed industry in Canada. In 1986 he received a distinguished graduate award from the University of Saskatchewan for his leadership in the seed industry and agricultural community. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool presented him with a certificate of recognition for his 30 years as a committee member. He was a producer member on the federal Senior Grain Transportation Committee. He served as a panel member on the Counselling and Assistance for Farmers Program.

Guy was elected councillor for the Rural Municipality of Wreford and the town of Watrous. He was elected a director of Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Company and served on the board 27 years, including a term as president.

He served 42 years on the board of Watrous Union Hospital, 10 of them as chairman. He was chairman and board member of Manitou Lodge for 30 years. He was a shareholder in Poundmaker Feeders Ltd., a farmer-owned feedlot enterprise, and actively promoted that organization's involvement in an ethanol plant with Mohawk and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

Guy Beatty died July 31, 1992.

"Sponsored for the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 1993
by the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Association,
Poundmaker-AgVentures Ltd., and the
Saskatchewan Seed Growers Association."


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