x About the Nominee PLEASE fill the form, print, sign and mail (See contact for mailing address)

6. If nominee and spouse are both deceased, provide name, address and phone number of family member (or other) who can be contacted in a confidential manner regarding the nomination.





8. Using the following categories identify and list the positions held by nominee. 

  • University
  • Government / Civil Service
  • Farm Organization
  • Improved Farm Practice and/or Support
  • Quality of Farm Organization
  • Agribusiness / Entrepreneurship

» Please identify specific areas where the nominee made prime contributions.  » Also list and describe other special contributions made by individual. 
Please limit to 2000 words or less


Check which category or categories best describes the nominee in relation to his/her group:

10. Other comments or supplemental information (Attach other supporting material if possible)

Induction Fees

11. A fee (presently $1500) is payable by March of the induction year for each inductee into the SAHF. The SAHF Constitution prohibits individuals from paying any portion of the fee. This maintains the integrity and fairness of the Board’s selection processes.  Board members are ineligible for nomination during their term on the Board. Individuals may donate to the SAHF to assist with costs other than those directly associated with the induction processes.

Sponsorship of inductees may come from businesses, societies or organizations. Sponsorship has often been split between two or three groups. The person submitting the nomination will be expected to take leadership in finding funding once the success of the nomination is assured.

The fee covers the costs of the induction respecting such things as the artist’s fee, framing, printing, preparation of the citation plaque, mounting the portrait and plaque in the museum, hall upkeep, preparation of the historical record books, inductee’s complimentary tickets to the induction ceremony, costs for the program brochures and correspondence regarding the induction ceremony.

Potential Sponsors for Induction Fee
Organization Amount

We, the undersigned, believe the information provided to be complete and accurate. Three signatures, including nominator, are required.

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